Fiona is a Naturopathic Registered Nutritional Therapist and Colon Hydrotherapist specialising in gastrointestinal health, menopausal issues, chronic fatigue and weight issues.
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Photo of Fiona Corliss, nutritionist and colon hydrotherapist


Colonic Hydrotherapy, also known as Colonic irrigation or Colon cleansing, is mainly used for the following reasons:

  • Primary Bowel problems –Constipation: IBS manifesting as alternating diarrhoea and constipation; manifesting is diarrhoea; manifesting as constipation.
  • Problems secondary to bowel problems– such as arthritis, asthma, any skin, bladder or lung problems.
  • De-toxing or Cleansing in association with other dietary and lifestyle measures, e.g. during structured fasts, when improving diet or alongside other therapies such as nutritional therapy, homeopathy, herbalism or massage.


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Tel: 07817 921916

The Chilston Clinic
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"Any clinic would be incredibly lucky to have your experience and expertise. You are the consummate professional and definitely provide a 5 star service!!"

S. Houghton, Kent.