Fiona is a Naturopathic Registered Nutritional Therapist and Colon Hydrotherapist specialising in gastrointestinal health, menopausal issues, chronic fatigue and weight issues.
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FAQ – Colon Hydrotherapy


What does the treatment consist of?

Colon Hydrotherapy is the gradual introduction of purified warm water which flows slowly into the colon/bowel under low pressure via a small tube. When the colon is filled the water flows out through a larger tube bringing with it any loose debris. This is done a number of times during one treatment.

How long is the treatment?

The treatment lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours.

How many initial treatments are recommended?

Between 1 and 3 depending upon the congestion present. Your practitioner will advise you. For maintenance it is recommended to visit your practitioner 3-4 times a year.

Does the bowel get lazy from a lot of colonics?

No, on the contrary, the internal massage provided by Colon Hydrotherapy should help stimulate and tone the bowel muscles.

Does Colon Hydrotherapy wash out essential vitamins and minerals?

When the bowel is congested with waste, it is not possible to assimilate vitamins and minerals properly through the bowel wall.

Does Colon Hydrotherapy wash away the good bacteria from the bowel?

Loose bacteria will be expelled, but the removal of old waste allows for long-term colonisation of good bacteria. Your practitioner will recommend a good short-term probiotic post treatment.

Are there any circumstances in which colon hydrotherapy is not recommended?

Your practitioner will take a detailed medical history beforehand, assess the situation and discuss it with you.

What is the difference between an enema and colon hydrotherapy?

An enema simply retains water in the lower part of the colon. It cannot reach the full length of the colon, nor does it have the same flushing action.

How long has Colon Hydrotherapy been practised?

The first known treatment dates back to the Egyptians around 1500bc. It has been used through the ages to maintain health. From 1920-1940 Colon Hydrotherapy equipment was in most doctor’s surgeries and hospitals.

How does a client prepare for a colonic?

There is no need to do anything special before treatment but for the client’s comfort it is best to avoid a heavy meal or drinking a lot immediately before the appointment.  Alcohol should also be avoided.

What if the client suffers with constipation?

If a client is particularly constipated they should ask their therapist for advice on what they can do beforehand to maximise the benefits of the treatment.

What does a colonic feel like?

Most people find the procedure to be quite relaxing, with no discomfort The colon fills and empties regularly as part of its normal function, so the treatment is nothing new. The client may feel varying sensations of fullness and movement in the abdomen throughout the treatment.

Isn’t Colon Hydrotherapy embarrassing?

Not at all. The therapy will take place in a private treatment room by a trained therapist who understands the sensitivity of the procedure. It is perfectly normal to be a little embarrassed, but the therapist will completely understand and will try to put the client at ease. Once the tube has been inserted, the client remains covered for the rest of the treatment.

Is there any mess or smell?

None whatsoever. Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment forms a sealed system that carries away all the waste cleanly and hygienically.

How safe is it?

Client safety is of paramount importance. Modern equipment constantly maintains the water temperature and pressure within safe limits, and ARCH standards insist that a new, single use disposable speculum is used for each treatment.

Does it hurt?

Not at all. It may feel a little strange as the small tube is inserted, and there may have a natural urge to squeeze it out again, but this passes quickly. The therapist will then closely control the filling and emptying to ensure that the client remains comfortable at all times. Occasionally the colon may contract during the treatment, giving a cramping sensation, but this is easily tolerated and passes as soon as the bowel empties again.

Are there circumstances in which a colonic shouldn’t be performed?

Yes, certain medical conditions would prevent a client from having treatment. If there is any doubt, the client should call the therapist for professional advice.

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"I met Fiona at a networking event about two years ago where she was giving a talk on Colon Hydrotherapy, and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and quiet, calm manner. I have been seeing Fiona for nutritional advice and regular colon hydrotherapy treatments ever since and highly recommend her. (I had been looking for someone to go to for colonics for years, and was very happy to finally find someone I felt comfortable with). Fiona gives regular talks to groups and offers her excellent treatments in Tunbridge Wells, Battle and Hastings.  She works to a very high professional standard and is gentle, caring and sensitive. I recommend her to many of my own clients as I feel that nutrition and colon hydrotherapy is so key to overall health and well being - certainly critical to skin condition!"

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