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Fiona is a Naturopathic Registered Nutritional Therapist and Colon Hydrotherapist specialising in gastrointestinal health, menopausal issues, chronic fatigue and weight issues.

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Fermentation - raw sauerkraut and raw kefir

Fermentation - raw sauerkraut and raw kefir


The key to health is strong, healthy bowel flora which act as a defence system against illness.

Fermentation is all about building a vast array of bowel flora to bolster the immune system. The following recipes are simple to make and something you can keep in the fridge. I suggest taking raw kefir on an empty stomach. Take spoonfuls of the Sauerkraut as desired or add into salads.


Raw Sauerkraut

1 hard cabbage sliced through a food processor
1 tsp celtic seasalt

  1. Combine in a bowl and massage until it starts to produce liquid.
  2. Cram into a kilner jar pressing the mixture down hard to avoid air pockets.
  3. Fold an outer cabbage leaf and place on top of mixture and force lid down.
  4. Store in airing cupboard for 3 days and then refrigerate.
  5. Eating a little with each meal is an excellent aid to digestion.


1 hard cabbage
2 carrots
1” stick of raw ginger
1 onion

  1. Put all ingredients through the slicer on a food processor.
  2. Follow recipe above.

Raw Kefir

Order a sachet of culture on-line.

You can use green coconut water with a water kefir or coconut yoghurt or a sachet of culture for milk kefir.

  1. Gently warm either green coconut water or - my preference is raw goats milk - in a pan to take away the cold.
  2. Place the culture in a medium sized kilner jar and pour the liquid over it.
  3. Leave in airing cupboard for 12 hours, then refrigerate and it is ready for use.
  4. Have a little first thing in the morning or between meals as it is more beneficial on an empty stomach.

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The Chilston Clinic
12 Rusthall Rd
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The Wellington Centre
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